Winter Tyres

In many European countries it is a legal requirement and even when it isn't it is common practice to fit and use winter tyres.

Ask most UK drivers about winter tyres and their answer is understandable "we don't get enough snow" or even worse than that ask most so called tyres specialists the same question and you will probably get the same answer! As they are more interested in selling a tyre that gives them the best margin rather than the best advice on the difference between summer and winter tyres.

Sadly the perception that winter tyres are only for the snow is years out of date. "Maybe they should be recognized as cold weather tyres".

Why fit cold weather tyres?

Tyre technology has advanced so much in the last 25 years, tyre manufacturers spend millions developing tyres to keeping up with the modern motorist, we all travel further and faster these days, there are so many variable driving conditions and we are expected to be at work no matter what the weather, it is unreasonable to expect one tyre to cope with the massive difference we have in road conditions and varying road temperatures, winter tyres come with the recognized European triangulation mark and are designed to operate at sub 7 degrees c temperatures giving you the best possible grip and braking distances not only when there is snow but black ice, wet roads and general nasty winter conditions, they maximize safety reducing your chances of costly repairs.

It might seem expensive buying a separate set of winter tyres but with good management of the tyres we feel it actually saves you money, we recommend that your tyres are swapped in November and April respectively, combining this with your winter service will mean your car is all set up and safe for the winter months. We also recommend each time you have your tyres fitted  swapping them front to rear to even out the wear and maximize your mileage, this is not always possible as some cars do have different size front & rear! this is all part of the professional service that you will receive when you're a customer of Adams and page.

We offer a full range of winter tyres at very competitive prices and will always give you unbiased advice, So do not feel trapped this winter drive safely and with confidence. If you already have your own winter tyres but need them fitted please don't hesitate to call for an appointment as we fit customers own tyres at very competitive prices.

For more information about Winter tyres or a free tyre check call 01494 525 971 / 445 389 or fill out the Contact Us form.

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